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The New Indian School
P.O. Box 33131, Isa Town
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 17622350 Fax: 17622351
Email: nischool@batelco.com.bh


Admission Criteria

Admission is open to all Indians. Admission to other Nationalities is subject to availability of seats,


  • The child should have completed 3 years and 4 months by 31st March, for the admission into Lower K.G. Class and this age criterion is proportionately applicable to children seeking admission into other classes.
  • Pupils coming from other Schools will have to produce a Transfer Certificate and the Report Card issued by the School last attended. In addition they will have to take up an Entrance Test in English and Mathematics. Admission will be given only to the standard, the student is found fit for, according to the test.


Rules For Withdrawal

Parents, who wish to withdraw their wards from the School, should give a month's advance notice in the prescribed perforated form attached in the Diary, and fees for the entire respective term should be paid.


Fee Regulations

  1. Fees should be paid in advance on or before the 10th of every month
  2. Fees paid after the due date will be charged a penalty of 50 Fils, per day
  3. If 10th happens to be a holiday, fees will be collected till the 11 th and penalty fee will be charged from the 12th of the month.
  4. Fees once paid is not refundable, under any circumstance
  5. Parents going on long vacation are expected to pay fees for the succeeding months, before their departure..
  6. In case parents fail to pay fees for two consecutive months, the defaulters' names will be struck off the rolls and parents will have to seek readmission.
  7. At the time of readmission all fee dues and an admission fee of BD 5 will be charged, in addition to the tuition fee for the month in which readmission is sought including the arrears.
  8. Fee cards should be sent along with fees, for payment. Parents should check the correctness of the entries made by the School Office.
  9. Parents may pay fees in advance, on a Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly /Annual basis, before the 10th of the month.


Transport is arranged for the convenience of parents. The School authorities are not responsible for any delay, accident or break down of the transport. Parents sending their wards by the School transport are doing so at their own risk.


Those who make use of the School transport facility should follow the instructions given below:

  1. The separate prescribed application form has to be filled for availing the School transport facility
  2. The child should wear the identity card everyday without fail. No child will be allowed to board the bus without the identity card.
  3. Children should wait in queue for the arrival of the bus and board the bus with decorum. Any kind of misconduct at the bus stop / inside the bus / while alighting from the bus will be seriously viewed and the child will be deprived of the School transport facility immediately.
  4. Departure and arrival time should be strictly followed. Parents are expected to be at their respective bus stop 10 minutes before the fixed time for the arrival of the bus.
  5. Students should be punctual. The School bus cannot wait for any child later than the stipulated time. No child will be picked up from the residence. Parents should bring the child to the bus stop specified by the School, on time. The School will not be responsible for any delay on the part of the student.
  6. Students with habitual vomiting tendencies should be provided with adequate precautionary measures.
  7. Students are not permitted to eat or drink while traveling.
  8. All absentees should inform their respective Class Teachers well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays. Parents of those who are sick may inform the driver.
  9. Parents, who want to take their wards home personally for some reason, should inform the bus driver, Class Teacher and the School office to avoid last minute confusion.
  10. One month prior information should be given for the withdrawal of the child from availing transport or else fees for the month will be charged.
  11. Any complaint pertaining to the School transport should be brought to    the personal notice of the Principal immediately.